Amorie Pearson


First of all a bit more about my experience...

After being a part time model for a few years, I decided to try the other side of the lens.

I’ve been a photographer for the past 7 years and a Professional Make Up Artist for the past decade.

I've done a styling course with Werner Wessels and I have a passion to do hair - I basically love everything to do with beauty.

I have photographed hundreds of Women and I have worked with many influential women in the beauty industry including Rolene Strauss, Melinda Bam, Liesl Laurie, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters to name a few.  I am currently the Beauty Photographer for Mrs South Africa.


Then about my passion and my WHY behind all of this…


As a Woman, I've been through so many ups and downs in my life, from that little girl that was just well,

full of dreams and hopes for the future until the world taught me through pain who I should strive to be.

I strived for ‘perfection’ but it lead me down a road where I didn’t recognise myself anymore.

I started the journey back to my true self and I embraced that little girl in me again.

   I will always be a work in progress and I realised that it is not about the destination but about the journey….

I might as well have a joyful one and make everything around me beautiful, including you.

I believe strongly that we should be a product of the product we sell because it is difficult to have compassion with someone if you haven’t been through it.

It makes the journey for my client so much more real and authentic. One of the first modeling shoots I did was a Boudoir shoot,

it was the first step to really loving myself again. I know it sounds so superficial, but we sometimes have such a flawed perspective about ourselves

and it helps if the right person show you yourself from a different perspective.I know what it did for me,

and that is actually what I do - I help you to see yourself from a different perspective.


"Thank you for capturing the REAL me"

— Melinda Bam
Former Miss SA

"I'm not a model, I'm not a pretty little thing anymore! But Amorie made me feel like a confident, sexy and empowered women! The sincere way she brings out the goddess in you change this from a photo session into a journey! Needles to say, my husband adores his Christmas present and I love the look in his eyes when he look at me now!"

— Fransisca

"I did a photoshoot for my new hubby's birthday and what an amazing experience!!! Amorie made me feel so comfortable and relaxes that the time flew past!! I had a blast despite the initial nerves. And you feel so good and empowered afterwards... thank you, Amorie!! "

— Nicolene

"What a blessing of a person. She made me feel comfortable and confident. Her photos are excellently done, knows poses, angles, lighting...a true professional. I would recommend her for anyone and everyone. Absolutely excellent. "

— Riëtte

"What an experience!!! Thanks for making me feel comfortable, special and beautiful and many more. This was a gift to my husband more than if was for myself and he ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! Thank you Amorie for this experience."

— Charlene

"Thank you Amorie for an amazing experience. I felt very comfortable and empowered at the same time. I look forward to my next shoot!"

— Deniel

"Most amazing woman. Great working with her. Amazing Work."

— Selina